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We assist clients with talent development programs and processes to attract, develop, motivate, and retain engaged employees.  Because we have worked with various companies (large and small), we can provide a perspective based on what we have seen work, but more importantly, what has not worked. 

Often the problem companies have to transform how they hire, develop, and manage their people is a lack of the workforce to focus on it.  It is the day-to-day operations that are almost always the barrier to taking a step back to assess current programs.  We know that often these projects are one-offs, which necessitate us to help fill these gaps to do this critical work.

Our clients have engaged us to assess their current processes so that they can ensure they are handled by an external party to provide an unbiased eye.  As neutral and objective consultants, we can speak openly about the program problems without fear of reprisals.

Simply put, we conduct analyses by evaluating knowledge/gaps and recommend solutions by leveraging progressive thinking and best practices. We help measure and evaluate the learning effectiveness of training projects and programs.  We collaborate with company leadership to design and deliver training programs and identify opportunities to enhance talent development program offerings.

Our initial consultation is free and allows us the opportunity to meet you, understand your company and business operations.  Working together, we assess current needs and make recommendations or submit proposals for developing and implementing performance improvement corrective plans, programs or processes.



The Woodlands Consulting Group sincerely appreciates the opportunity to earn your business.

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