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We assist clients in solving various business challenges, improving operations, and achieving business objectives. While specific client names cannot be disclosed, we can provide a general overview of consulting services completed without revealing confidential or proprietary information.

Harris County:  We had the privilege of collaborating with a great team to rewrite the county policy & procedure manual. The project included assessing existing policies and procedures and researching updated laws and regulations. Documenting policies and procedures create a transparent framework for decision-making, ensuring that employees understand the rationale behind specific policies and the consequences of non-compliance. 

County Government


International Nonprofit Organizations:  Working with these organizations has been very rewarding. The stakeholders are forward-thinking, enthusiastic, and passionate about their missions. We assisted them in writing employee handbooks, standard operating procedures, and department manuals. As their organizations grow, they need documentation to maintain consistency. The goals were to provide “how-to” guides that team members use as references and to develop a series of checklists. 



Software Development: We genuinely enjoy working with clients in this exciting, creative, and competitive industry. We have successfully written standards of business conduct, backup processes, disaster recovery plans, user manuals, troubleshooting guides, and departmental manuals, including new customer onboarding, help desk training, sales and marketing processes, and human resources onboarding best practices and checklists.

Software as a Service (SaaS)


International Full-Service Construction Firm:  Working entirely remotely (pre-COVID), we collaborated effectively and expeditiously with key stakeholders to create a policy and procedure manual. The company had various written procedures but did not have well-documented policies and procedures.



Montessori Academy:  For over 20 years, we have been consultants for a privately owned and operated school. Most recently, we helped them develop and revise COVID-19 guidelines. In addition, we have created recruiting strategies, staff onboarding and training processes, job descriptions, detailed teacher duties & responsibilities, parent handbooks, employment application forms, employee evaluation forms, reprimand guidelines, and disciplinary forms.

Private School


Transportation Company: The company needed operations and procedure manuals in English and Spanish due to employee turnover issues. Our assessment concluded that the employees were frustrated and confused about their duties & responsibilities. The manuals helped to mitigate misunderstandings, reduce turnover, and improve morale.



 Startup: A retail startup needed a policy and procedure manual. This small company (5-10 employees) could not afford to hire staff for a human resource department. Our challenge was to author a manual before the doors opened for this new business. Working closely with the owner,  we created a comprehensive policies and procedures manual.

Retail Startup


Insurance Brokerage Firm:  Our client needed help developing procedures for processing Request for Reimbursement – Medical Fees. Working closely with their staff, we created detailed processes and policies, including an Excel worksheet for gathering the required information to submit a request to carriers. The project has been very successful. This new process has resulted in well-managed procedures and reimbursement of fees.

Financial Services


Pipe Manufacturing Company:  Working closely with various members of management, we created an employee handbook. Specific details included warehouse and emergency evacuation procedures. The company had numerous written procedures but did not have a well-documented handbook. 

Manufacturers and Suppliers


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Technical Writing, Operations Manuals, HR Documents, Guides

Technical Writing, Operations Manuals, HR Documents, Guides

Technical Writing, Operations Manuals, HR Documents, Guides Investigations, Technical Writing, Operations Manuals, HR Documents, Guides, Technical Writing, Operations Manuals, HR Documents, Guides


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