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Your company offers excellent services or products, but you lack the time or the internal resources to assess your business operations and processes.  The Woodlands Consulting Group assists businesses to enrich operations, improve controls, develop efficiencies, evaluate strategies, clarify effectiveness, and chart direction. Our solutions are customized to address growing companies' unique objectives and multifaceted challenges.

The Woodlands Consulting Group looks at your growing business needs from a business owner's perspective.  First, we work with stakeholders to assess current processes, help identify gaps and opportunities. Then, we design and implement specific plans that meet your organization's needs - not a "cookie-cutter" approach to helping you with your business. 

To learn more about our services, please contact us today.  The Woodlands Consulting Group sincerely appreciates the opportunity to earn your business.


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Writing Employee Handbooks

Writing Policies and Procedures

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 Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
Improving business processes by using statistical analysis is the methodology of Six Sigma.  During a review, we ensure the process challenges are identified and make recommendations for elimination.  Employing this method often increases productivity, improves quality, reduces operation costs, and improves communication among team members.

We are passionate about solving business challenges. Over the years, we have helped companies (large and small) unlock insights that take their business to the next level.  To understand situations from all angles, we gather information and perspectives from various team members and, when appropriate, from cross-functional areas within the organization.  As a result, we help to provide an expert eye and an objective view. More »


Attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining employees is crucial for any company.  Successful organizations know that they must continually evaluate and train employees to be strategic with their operational goals and objectivesWe conduct assessments and help develop processes to monitor and measure employee engagement, turnover, and talent effectivenessMore »

Writing Manuals
Writing Policies and Procedures

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Writing Policies


Writing Manuals

Regardless of the size of your company, an Employee Handbook is essential to assist in resolving disputes before they start, identify basic company policies, procedures, and benefits.  A well-written handbook provides for easy referencing of basic company policies. It includes acceptable and unacceptable behavior and disciplinary measures.   More»


Policy and procedure manuals are comprehensive and detail every aspect of company policy, the procedures for following those policies, and the forms needed to complete each process.  It is a reference tool for managers and supervisors, as it is much more complete in detail than the employee handbook.  

User Manual/User Guide is written to explain how a product is used.  Giving instructions is the primary objective of the user manual. The instructions must be easy to read and understandable by all users. User guides are essential for any product since they help create a better customer experience, save the time and efforts of customer support agents, and promote a product.   More »

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