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Consistency, productivity, accountability and quality management.  These are just four excellent reasons why your business needs policy and procedure manuals.

All organizations have policies and procedures that guide how decisions are made and how the work is performed. Well-written policies and procedures increase organizational accountability and productivity and are fundamental to quality assurance and quality improvement programs.

Even where policies and procedures are not written down, they exist, guiding decisions and determining how people interact within the organization. The problem with unwritten policies and procedures is that they are not subject to the usual organizational reviews and accountability processes. In the absence of written policies and procedures, unacceptably different approaches that make the organization inconsistent and inefficient can develop. 

We have more than 20 years of experience in documenting policies and procedures.  The information is provided in concise and detailed manuals.  Our experienced technical and professional writers have excelled in developing policy and procedure manuals for the retail, oil & gas, software development, private education, transportation, county agencies, and manufacturing industries.



The Woodlands Consulting Group sincerely appreciates the opportunity to earn your business.

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